How to straighten Your Hair Naturally

Most people today want their hair to look as sleek as it gets, with a kind of straightness that enhances their overall appearance. However, the actual problem is in getting to do this, especially if you prefer the natural route to using creams that contain chemicals. Amazingly, there are a good number of ways to straighten your hair naturally.

What are the benefits of having straight hair?

Having straight hair is everyone’s dream, particularly because of the benefits that come attached to it. Basically, there are a couple of reasons why you should really consider keeping your hair straight, and here are some that you should know:

  • Straight hair can be left open

One of the most profitable advantages to having straight hair is that it can be simply left to be as a style. Leaving the hair open is something ladies with curly hairs would quickly get uncomfortable with. However, with straight hairs, you’re good to go. From parties to formal and simple gatherings, straight hairs always fit the profile.

  • It is easy to set

Having straight hairs makes setting as easy as breeze. You can comfortably avoid chemicals or gels that may have an adverse effect on your hair, but instead, allow the hair to dry after a wash, and you’re good to go.

  • Makes you look professional

Amazingly, straight hairs also blend into professional outfits pretty easily. You can avoid the stressful process of dressing your hair every day to work, and simply opt for the regular wash and dry. Straight hairs look as corporate as it gets.

  • Experimental flexibility

If you so wish, you can get creative with straight hairs, molding it into any style you want. Basically, most styling ideas and experiments go best with straight hairs.

Ways to straighten hair naturally?

Here are some of the best tips to get your hair straight naturally:

Blow with dry cold air

This process involves you dividing your hair into sections after letting it dry to a considerable extent, then using the cool setting on your blow-dryer. Ensure you continuously spread the dry air from the root to the tip of your hair, and keep the blower about 6 inches away during the process.

Wrap your hair

Wrapping your hair is also one of the ways to straighten it naturally. It is important that you do it right, using long bobby pins and a proper hair wrapping scarf or turban. Separate your hair accordingly, using a comb to flatten it out. After that, hold the hair taut and bring it around to the opposite side of your head where it naturally falls from and pin it tightly to the side of your head. Repeat this across other sections of your head and tie it with a turban before going to bed.

Roll with plastic rollers

Using plastic rollers is pretty easy. You only need to divide your damp hair into medium-sized sections and roll with the plastic rollers about an hour before going to bed. If awake, leave it on for at least 4 hours.

Other options you can consider to have straight hairs naturally include:

  • Using natural hair straightening products;
  • Sleeping with wet hair;
  • Trying a hair mask;
  • Using essential oils.

To effectively straighten your hair naturally, you need to repeat the processes over or even combine them.

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